Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

A mother-daughter bond
cherished through a blessing.

A simple game of antakshari culminates in the exchange of vows. Sonia and Harshit share their musical love story.

A blessing of pure love

Sonia is the epitome of a modern, independent Indian woman who has remained true to her roots. She met Harshit at a Bollywood party in New York and challenged him to a game of antakshari. The result – she found an antakshari partner for life. Despite being an NRI, Sonia is now set to marry Harshit in India, fulfilling her dream of being a true desi bride.
Mrs. Mukherjee stands a proud mother. Her daughter Sonia is a successful, independent dancer in New York who hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Indian traditions and values still hold a special place in her heart. Sonia is blessed with Platinum Evara, a piece which represents the special bond she shares with her mother, while reminding her of the pure love and support she has.

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