Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

Blessed by a mother's love.

A vibrant and adventurous couple share
their blessing moment.

A blessing of pure love

Shanaya, a fun and adventurous woman, has faced many difficulties growing up. Along with her mother and sister, she had to move out of her father's house at a young age.

Now that she has found her soulmate, her mother open-heartedly welcomes Nitin, the son she always wished for, into her family. As a token of love, she blesses the Jodi with Platinum Evara, wishing them a blissful marriage.

For Shanaya, Platinum Evara is very close to her heart as it symbolizes her mother's blessings and love. For Nitin, it will be a reminder of the trust Shanaya's mother has placed in him. A bond he will value and respect always. Watch their Moment of Blessing in the video below.

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