Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

The pure love and support of a father
marked by Platinum Evara.

A bride who lived by what she believed in finds a match who’s as supportive of her as her father.

A blessing of pure love

Richa, a well educated and career oriented girl, has had unwavering love and support from her parents. Instead of getting married at an early age, she stood strong on her terms and built her career. She is now set to marry Nikhil, who is as career oriented as her and as progressive as her parents.
For her father, Richa has always been a source of strength. As she prepares to go from his house to her new family's, she is bestowed upon with a blessing to soar as high as she dreams in life, marked by Platinum Evara. A Platinum set that will always be a reminder that a piece of her father's heart will always be with her.

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