Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

A mother- daughter bond
blessed by purity 

Nouseen Zeba gives us a glimpse into the precious bond that she shares with her mother.

A blessing of pure love

Nouseen Zeba, our first bride of the season stands out for her pure strength and perseverance. An Interior Decorator by profession, she overcame all the odds to make her marriage a reality. From supporting her family at a very early age to educating herself and her brothers, she became the backbone for her near and dear. In every stage of her life, it was the endless guidance of her mother coupled with a ‘Never Say Die’ spirit that helped achieve her goals. Now, as she embarks on a new beginning in life, her mother wishes to bless her with a life removed of all struggle and hardship. Moments before she ties the knot, she receives the embodiment of this pure blessing through Platinum Evara. For Nouseen, this exquisite piece will always stand as precious reminder of a life - one filled with happiness, love and support.

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