Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

A story of pure love, weaved from
faith and determination.

Himoni and Niraaj,
celebrate their dream wedding
with their family’s blessings.

A blessing of pure love

Coming from traditional Gujarati families, Himoni and Niraaj were tested by fate when their kundalis showed a poor match. But Himoni’s confidence in her love won over their family’s hesitation. And sure enough,. this time around destiny showed them a happy path forward
As she now prepares for a lifetime together with Niraaj, Himoni shares an emotional moment with her kaka, who she shares a special bond with. He who has always pampered and treated her as his own daughter, blesses her to bring as much happiness to her new family she as brought him. A symbol of pure love marked with Platinum Evara.

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