Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

Anush is blessed with
pure and powerful blessing. 

A bride filled with a penchant for life shares her feelings
about her mother, her marriage and much more ...

A blessing of pure love

Meet Anush, a bride who is fun loving, confident and compassionate. Since childhood she has always decided life on her own terms. A freelance Makeup Artist by profession, she is also pursuing her MBA and volunteering at NGO’s, teaching underprivileged children. An individual with many talents, she owes her sense of independence and self-belief to her mother, who always encouraged her to follow her dreams. As she takes on the role of a bride, she is prepared to embrace her married life with even more enthusiasm and zeal. The night before her marriage, her proud mother blesses her princess with a fairytale moment through Platinum Evara jewellery, one that is just as powerful and precious as their bond. For Anush, it will be cherished as reminder of her mother’s support, urging her to always listen to matters of the heart.

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