Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings


Inspired by an ever-changing nature, this collection set in rare platinum is reflective of how you continue to evolve and grow with every choice you make, while perennially remaining true to your values.

Platinum Jewellery Collection
Platinum Bracelets for Women
Wedding Jewellery Collection
Wedding Jewellery
Platinum Bracelets for Women

Design inspiration note:

Our collection draws inspiration from the cosmic phenomena of supernovas. Bright, all-encompassing, brimming sources of energy, supernovas are not that different from the modern woman who in her own way is a source of energy, positivity and possibilities. Crafted in platinum a metal that traces its origins to a celestial occurrence makes this collection a truly fitting tribute.
The women we celebrate, navigate their way by rising to the occasion with grace while staying strongly rooted in their values, and spreading optimism, courage and empathy where its needed the most.
Our design palette is a mix of facets, disruptive lines and frames that create an illusion of volume. Along with defining edges, enveloping and refracting forms, they come alive through platinum - a metal known for its strength and density. Angular, edgy, yet dimensionally fluid and embellished with circular forms, curves and grooves, each design in the collection is a fitting homage to a woman who rises with grace. Every single time.

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Platinum Wedding Jewellery Collection