Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings


Inspired by an ever-changing nature, this collection set in rare platinum is reflective of how you continue to evolve and grow with every choice you make, while perennially remaining true to your values.

Wedding Jewellery Collection
Platinum Bracelets for Women
Platinum Jewellery Collection
Wedding Jewellery
Platinum Bracelets for Women

For a love so special, so rare…
Only the rarest metal will do

As the young couple stands together on the verge of a promising
new future, bless them with a piece that truly mirrors your heart.
Nothing else feels as special as your love than precious platinum.

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The Platinum Bond

Love is at the heart of Evara. The subtle interlinks and infinity loops
are unique to Evara and symbolic of the coming together
of relationships old and new.

About the Bond

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Platinum Wedding Jewellery Collection