Shahid Kapoor pairs Indo-Western wedding wear with Platinum

Last month’s edition of Harpers Bazaar Bride edition featured a photo shoot of Shahid Kapoor donning select pieces of Platinum Evara. Shahid pairs these subtle pieces of jewellery in a way that accentuates his ensemble rather than being the focal point. With outfits that ride the fine line of Western meets Indian, Shahid breaks the typical, traditional mould to present a look that’s as unique as him.

  • Shahid pairs his fine Platinum Evara bracelet with a rustic white kurta for a ‘less is more’ look.

  • A slightly more prominent Platinum Evara bracelet nestles comfortably against his grey monochrome outfit, adding to Shahid’s relaxed yet powerful stance.

  • A double Platinum bracelet stands out magnificently against the dark, muted canvas of Shahid’s Indo-western attire. 

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Platinum. The pure metal.

Did you know that white gold is an alloy created using yellow gold? To keep its white colour white gold, will usually need to be re-plated, whereas platinum is naturally white and will not cast any colour onto a diamond. At 95% pure, Platinum will never fade, just like the bond you share with your loved one.