Pairing your Platinum Evara

Platinum Evara jewellery is inspired by global trends of modern feminine for women and bold minimalism for men which work on the principles of subtlety and simplicity. The ease of styling and the distinct designs of the jewellery make it the contemporary bride and groom’s go to for their post wedding lifestyle.

However, the best part about Platinum Evara jewellery is its sheer versatility. Keeping the look subtle, it works seamlessly for both Indian and western outfits. Crafted in the rare metal platinum, it makes the jewellery an exclusive possession. A quality that’s sure to make you stand out in a crowd.


Crafted for the man who romances the ‘minimal’, this chain connects multiple platinum pellets to give your look that added touch of suave. Simple platinum pellets link to craft this simple yet stylish chain. You can look sharp by pairing your platinum chain with an all-black outfit, just like this black achkan our model is sporting. The sheen of the platinum chain against the black will help bring about a contrast and definitely leave an impression.


This unique and chic layered chain set has petal shaped motifs with diamonds studded on them. Just like style influencer Aayushi Bangur, you can pair the necklace-earring set with a beautiful royal blue suit and make a statement for the festival season. This Platinum Evara design adds just the right amount of elegance and glamour to the overall outfit.


In this design, the fluid platinum chains fused with tiny rose gold beads loop together to form this exquisite Platinum Evara bracelet. This classy piece is the perfect amalgamation of design and grace. Taking a cue from celebrity stylist Sanjana Batra, you can pair it with this blush off-shoulder dress for the perfect look for a night out on the town. Elegant and distinct, the bracelet will complement any outfit through and through.

Platinum Evara jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, for any occasion. Blending in seamlessly with your post wedding style, its distinctiveness will always help you make a statement.


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Platinum. The pure metal.

Did you know that white gold is an alloy created using yellow gold? To keep its white colour white gold, will usually need to be re-plated, whereas platinum is naturally white and will not cast any colour onto a diamond. At 95% pure, Platinum will never fade, just like the bond you share with your loved one.