Decoding the best celebrity looks at the Zee Kutumbam Awards 2017

The annual Zee Kutumbam Awards 2017, held earlier this year, was a star-studded occasion attended by some of the biggest names from the Telegu television fraternity. Take a look at how a few of our favourite award-winning couples chose to carry their Platinum Evara on this eventful night.

  • Deva and Parvathy of Mudda Mandaram

    Deva chose to complement his Platinum Evara chain with a sherwani. Parvathy, on the other hand, looked graceful in her leaf-inspired Platinum Evara which highlighted her neckline.

  • Virat and Bhoomi of Mutyala Muggu

    Bhoomi coupled her Platinum Evara necklace with a sari while Virat looked sophisticated in his suit that complemented his Platinum Evara jewellery. 

  • Saketh and Seetha of Mangammagari Manavaralu

    Seetha’s stage look was a combination of a unique Platinum Evara necklace paired with a delicate sari. Saketh coupled his Platinum Evara chain and bracelet with a waistcoat.

  • Karthikeya and Valli of Pakkinti Ammayi

    While Karthikeya chose a rope-textured Platinum Evara bracelet to match his suit, Valli looked exquisite because of the multi-string Platinum Evara necklace paired with her evening gown.

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