A mother-daughter’s love is eternalised in a bond that’ll only strengthen over time

Nouseen Zeba, an interior decorator by profession, overcame countless odds to make her marriage a reality. From supporting her family at a very early age to educating herself and her brothers, she became the backbone of her family. At every stage of her life, it was the endless guidance of her mother coupled with her ‘never say die’ spirit that helped her achieve her goals.



Now, as she embarks on a new journey, her mother blesses her with happiness, love and prosperity. Moments before she tied the knot, she received the pure embodiment of this blessing in the form of Platinum Evara. For Nouseen, this exquisite piece will stand as a testament of her mother’s unending love and support.


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Platinum. The pure metal.

Did you know that white gold is an alloy created using yellow gold? To keep its white colour white gold, will usually need to be re-plated, whereas platinum is naturally white and will not cast any colour onto a diamond. At 95% pure, Platinum will never fade, just like the bond you share with your loved one.