Evara Platinum Blessings


Evara Platinum Blessings

Precious platinum

Her gentle warmth makes her everyone’s favourite. Her bold demeanour and resolute voice are her strengths. She values all her relationships – before and after she sets the ring on her finger. She is adaptive yet uncompromising from the very start. That’s why she is a rare find and that's why she is a Platinum bride.

Having arrived on Earth through a celestial collision over 2 billion years ago, Platinum is truly a heavenly metal - the only one that befits the celebration of everything rare.

Calling all new brides for an exclusive chance to be styled by one of the best celebrity stylists in the country, the choice of all leading ladies of Bollywood, Sanjana Batra. In collaboration with Platinum Evara, she will help you keep that bridal feeling alive post your wedding.

Contest winners to be announced soon!

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