Evara Platinum Blessings


Blessed by two mothers
for a lifetime of love.

Amiti, a doctor from Mumbai,
prepares for her journey of pure love.

A blessing of pure love

When Amiti, a practicing gynaec, was looking to settle down – it was her mother who took it upon herself to find a suitable groom for her daughter. That’s when she found Ankit, on an online matrimony site. The fact that he was a doctor too, made their culturally different backgrounds a trivial matter. She joined forces with his mother, to get their children to meet each other. To their surprise, Amiti & Ankit soon fell in love. Overjoyed at the chemistry they had found in such a short span of time, the two mothers blessed them with Platinum Evara for a lifetime of pure love. One that would overpower the strenuous demands of their professional lives and keep them together forever.