Evara Platinum Blessings


Precious platinum

Evara. For You. For Him.

Born from the ancient language reflecting
a timeless emotion, for a modern time.
Evara is derived from 'vara' – a blessing.
Blessings of pure love, from parents,
elders, and loved ones.

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The Platinum Bond

Love is at the heart of Evara.
Every design symbolises the union of different
relationships. Relationships that
are cherished - friendships between families,
of new families being born.
Born out of mutual respect and equality.
And at the centre is the platinum bond
that holds them together.

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Pure. Rare. Eternal.

Platinum Evara marks a new beginning with blessings of pure love. Crafted in precious platinum, with a purity of 95% in jewellery,Evara is more than an exquisite range of platinum wedding jewellery. It is the purest expression of heartfelt blessings for that special day.

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